Our Bean

If you want to ensure the best possible coffee experience you have to start with the best possible coffee beans. We use only the finest Arabica beans, expertly grown in the fertile soil and ideal climate of South and Central America.  Every Organic coffee bean in our single roasts and blends is hand selected by Fair Trade Certified growers to ensure premium quality and taste.

Lions Gate Blend
Our Lions Gate coffee is a gourmet blend of expertly French roasted Fair Trade & Organic Arabica beans. Grown high in the mountain ranges of Peru, this coffee is bold and intense, dark and full-bodied, with smoky caramel and lush chocolate notes. The deep aroma and rich taste of a freshly brewed cup of Lions Gate coffee is irresistible.  

Signature Blend

Our Signature coffee is a gourmet blend of Fair Trade & Organic beans expertly grown in South America. Flavorful with an irresistible aroma, this lovingly crafted blend is sure to satisfy any connoisseur.

Stanley Park Blend
Our Stanley Park blend expertly combines our medium roasted Peruvian beans with our dark roasted Guatemalan beans. This delightful combination results in sweet, fruity notes balanced with an incredible body and aroma.
Yaletown Roast

Our Yaletown coffee is made with Fair Trade & Organic beans grown in Antigua, Guatemala’s oldest and most famous growing region. Sweet and fruity, full-bodied and delicious, this coffee embodies everything a Guatemalan coffee should be.


Our world class Espresso is a dark roasted blend of the finest high grown Central American Arabicas. Expertly roasted, and crafted with the help of award winning baristas, this exquisite espresso is rich yet mellow, with an enticing golden crema.